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IT&LY Hairfashion products are not tested on animals.



drop Stephanie Lierman (Nickelodeon) "IT&LY...products and hair color allow me to create great hair that both the actors and producers love."

drop Johnny Villanueva (2 Guns) ..."IT&LY products and hair color I love!"

drop Colleen LaBaff, THE ORIGINALS - "... great styling products and hair color. "

drop Terrie Velazquez Owen, LOVE AND MERCY -"... great, shiny, nice translucent color, looks great on film."

drop Kat Drazen, Department Head-The Following -"... I love using the AQUAR&LY colour line"

drop Ron Scott, Union 706 -"I have worked with every kind of color and by far it (IT&LY) is amazing."

drop "wonderful products... hairdressers appreciate it so much!" Rox Hodenfield, REVOLUTION SEASON 2 Hair Team

drop Elizabeth Mbousia - Gangster Squad -"I have been so pleased with IT&LY Hairfashion!..."

drop "I love the IT&LY Purity Design Line.." Donna Jones, Hair Dept.

drop Jeffrey Fetzer -"...beautiful colors, that look natural, to daring colors that give them that Red Carpet glow."

drop Shannon Soucie - NCIS -"...the colors are so vibrant..."

drop Pamela May - ABC's "666 Park Avenue" -"I lOVE the color!"

drop Nikki Smith - NBC's "Go On"

drop Jessica Elbaum -"Modern Family"- "...all the products are exceptional… "

drop Stephanie Lierman -"Fred the Showl"- "...I love it! The color is true to the swatch… "

drop Sha Sanford-Fong - " IT&LY Hair Color line there are so many colors..."

drop Anthony Miner-"Let's Make A Deal"- " your IT&LY hair products!"

drop "It is the most amazing product in the world!!", Wendi San George-Tolkin, Dept Head

drop Wendi Avignone - "...with Companies like IT&LY that we can continue to turn out our best work"

drop "I love these products and styling tools", Brooks Stenstrom, NCIS LA

drop Lori Rozman – "Harry's Law"

drop RaMona Fleetwood on the set of "As Cool as I AM"

drop Maggie Hayes-Jackson (Paramount Studios)– "Move over Loreal Paris, IT&LY is in the House "

drop La Toya Jackson (Celebrity Apprentice) – " ...La Toya Jackson’s latest hair color change "

drop Michael Marcellino (24)– "IT&LY colors are strong vibrant ..."

drop Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad)– "I love my hair like I have never loved my hair ..."

drop Rhonda O'Neal – "...Purity great for me on set (NCIS)."

drop RaMona Fleetwood – "...haircolor saved the day!"

drop Bettie Rogers – "...especially love the Pure Water Drops for our cast"

drop Ani Maloney – "...fabulous color, true tone to tone and lasts! "

drop Barbara Lorenz – "I can not say enough...use it on all my films"

drop David Babaii - "love my IT&LY Ionic Blow Dryer and Flat Iron

drop Natalie Hale – "I don't want to use any other color line. I AM HOOKED"

drop Colleen LaBaff – "loving the color line for TRUE rich colors... "

drop Jani Kleinbard – "I love IT&LY products. The colors are beautiful... "

drop Kenneth Walker – "…love the IT&LY flat irons... "

drop Frank Barbosa – "The color was a huge success ... "

drop Kimmi Hendrix _ "Unbelievable shine and body!"

dropBonnie Clevering – "Pure Water Drops are Fabulous"

dropBrian Stevens Banks – "...a great line of styling products"


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