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IT&LY Hairfashion products are not tested on animals.




Colorly 2020 – permanent color


This is our mainstream permanent hair color line with 92 exciting colors! Colorly 2020 is a crème based Italian hair color. Formulated with IT&LY's "next generation pigments" and our exclusive "Advanced Color Protection Complex" with the most effective UV filters and anti-oxidants available to reduce free radicals, protect, strengthen, and extend color longevity and intensity during & after the color process. Ideal for classic or fashion forward design. Total gray coverage at every level with perfect tonal accuracy. Available in a 60 ml. tube and is mixed with equal parts of Oxily 2020 developer( available in 10, 20, 30, & 40 vol.) Processing time is volume of developer + 10 (40 vol processes 50 min)

Aquar&ly – permanent color


This is another permanent hair color system. Aquar&ly is a créme based Italian hair color with Intense micro pigments and wheat protein. These intense micro pigments are micro-emulsified nano pigments. Due to their smaller dimension, combined with the hydrolysates wheat protein, they are able to penetrate deeper into the hair fiber The result is a more durable, uniform & brilliant hair color. Available in a 100 ml tube, it is mixed 1 part color to 1-1/2 parts developer. It is mixed with its own developer. Aquar&ly Ossigenata 10 vol., 20 vol., 30 vol. & 40 vol. Processing time is … volume of developer + 10 (40 vol processes 50 min)

delyTON – demi-Permanent color


delyTON is a demi-permanent...deposit only non ammonia creme based hair color. It utilizes a phyto- conditioning complex, silk proteins & innovative pigments. The deposit is unbelievable ! Great for men who want gray blending, great for tint backs…due to the conditioning ingredients it will restructure & fill in porosity even on the most damaged hair to give even results…no filler required! Fantastical for weaving in low lights! Mixed 1 part delyTON color - 2 parts delyTON Activator. Processing time 10 -30 min.

lyCOLOR – demi-permanent color


lyCOLOR is a demi-permanent color (available in 6 luminous shades)...only this one is a liquid. A quick & easy application & timing...20 min. and your men clientele especially will have the most beautiful non-detectable gray blending you have ever seen, extremely natural looking. Mixed 1 part lyCOLOR – 2 parts lyCOLOR Activator. Processing time 20 min.

Vivly – semi permanent color


Vivly is a true semi permanent color. Available in 14 vivid shades. Deposit only, no ammonia, no peroxide. Use it straight from the bottle. Use it as a filler...beige, gold-titian, copper. Apply to lighter hair and then proceed with final formula over the Vivly. Process as usual.



Riflessi is a conditioning mask with color...I usually do not like these kinds of products...this one is the exception! The hair is to porous/over worked and not able to hold color...this is your MIRACLE product. I have seen it make hair look marvelous, when underneath it was not to great!...Great to use on dark long haired clients after a straightening, end of summer…ya know when the ends are a 7 and the root is a 3. Works wonderful. Comes in a variety of shades...apply to damp hair, let sit 5-10 min. rinse.



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