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IT&LY Hairfashion products are not tested on animals.



drop Purity Design Pure Shampoo tweeted by AJ Cook of Criminal Minds

drop IT&LY sponsors 2014 Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylist Guild Awards

drop Featuring IT&LY's Milan Collection and Pasquale Caselle's Finished Look

drop David Babaii for IT&LY Hairfashion (December ELLE)

drop David Babaii for IT&LY Hairfashion (Italy's VOGUE magazine)

drop David Babaii creates "Veronica Lake" look for Nicole Kidman at Golden Globes

drop Hair by David Babaii for IT&LY Hairfashion (ELLE magazine)

drop WILDE-LY SEXY cut by David Babaii (Purity Design)

drop Richard Zucckero interview by Living Magazine

drop Uma Thurman's Bohemian updo by David Babaii

drop Red Carpet Inspired: Turn Celeb Looks into Holiday Hair

drop Reese Witherspoon & Nicole Kidman at 2011 CMA Awards

drop David Babaii styles Uma Thurman's Hair at Paris Fashion Week!

drop Thanks from the TV Series"Chuck"

drop Paula Abdul Wows at Fox All-Star Party!

drop Bonnie Clevering & IT&LY transform Kristen for "Snow White"

drop RaMona creates the "royal" look on Lifetime's "William and Kate"

drop IT&LY saved the day on Lifetime's "William and Kate"

drop David Babaii creates Nicole's edgy updo at the SAG Awards

drop Paula Abdul & IT&LY on CBS's "Live To Dance"

drop IT&LY Vegas Show in Estetica Magazine

drop Mi Blogazine - Burlesque/IT&LY products article

drop Juicy twitter on Pure Water Drops!

drop IT&LY ... Fushion Magazine

drop IT&LY article in by

drop Hollywood Loves IT&LY in the December Modern Salon

drop Italian Racing Red Ionic Blow Dryer in the movie, Burlesque

cdh_cover Canadian Hairdresser article on IT&LY Vegas 2010 Awards

drop IT&LY Award Winner Marcia Hamilton "Whips" Willow Smith's Hair into a Sensation

drop Marcia Hamilton & Purity Design keeps Jada Pinkett-Smith "red carpet ready"

AGT5 IT&LY HAIRFASHION credits on America's Got Talent

drop Ferrari and IT&LY HAIRFASHION hit high gear at Monza!


IT&LY Hairfashion visits the set of "America's Got Talent" in Chicago

drop Jani Kleinbard of PixieStyle magazine shares Purity Design style tips

drop _ Sex and the City 2 Hair Secrets Revealed

drop Kimmi Hendrix _ "Unbelievable shine and body!"

drop Whitney Houston's Hairdresser Recommends IT&LY!

dropBonnie Clevering – "Pure Water Drops are Fabulous"

dropBrian Stevens Banks – "...a great line of styling products"


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