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Avanti Premium Salon Program

IT&LY Hairfashion N.A., Inc. reserves the right to alter or terminate this program without prior notification at its sole discretion.

IT&LY Hairfashion N.A., Inc. has developed one of the most successful salon appreciation programs in the industry - the AVANTI Premium Salon Program.

AVANTI is the Italian word for forward. It represents our philosophy of commitment to the current and future demands of professional Hair Color and the professional Color Specialist.

The AVANTI Program allows us to recognize the loyal IT&LY Salons who have dedicated themselves to attaining the superior technical expertise and broad artistic vision that defines true Professional Hair Color Mastery.

This program distinguishes itself from competitive programs by offering far more achievable goals with more generous rebates to ensure greater recognition, benefits and rewards. Participating Salons will become part of our worldwide Salon voice. Not only do our AVANTI members receive all of the benefits of the program such as IT&LY product, product discounts and tools, but their insight and experience will contribute to the consistent refinement of artistic vision, education and standards and technological advancements of IT&LY Hair Colorists in more than 70 countries.